Our Good Wolf was formed by friends René Schumacher and Kevin Holowack in 2012, and stemmed from the wish to write and create original music that reflected their eclectic interests. Our band soon expanded with the induction of the ever-joyful Josh Lehman and the delightful vocalist Jordana Hon. Soon, too, the band incorporated a little bit of heaven with the recruitment of keyboard virtuoso Andrew Romero.

We've drawn our inspiration from all over the place, from modern alternative rock, to classic folk and country, to our favourite funk and jazz records, to Romantic poetry. A constant theme in our band has been collective thought, and it is incorporation of many themes that has often pushed us into new and exciting terrain.

We've now been playing together, recording, and performing for over four years, and have no intentions of slowing down. Our first studio album, "The Last We Heard of Him," was released on September 8, 2016.


The Band

All Photos Courtesy of Jordon Hon


Vocals: Jordana Hon

When asked whether or not she plays an instrument, her response is always dutifully and consistently the same: “Do vocals count?” Jordana has always been passionate about singing, even long before joining the band. There remains something mysterious and remarkable about weaving melodies and allowing them to affect a response of any or all sorts, be it a smile, a cock of the head, a clap, or a cheer. The element of sharing in music plays a critical role in her love for the band and all that it stands for.


Bass & Mandolin: Kevin Holowack

It didn't dawn on Kevin until recently that the lowest frequencies are the ones most resonant with the body and the heart. That's why thunder is scary and Leonard Cohen can make people weak in the knees. So he's adopted the idea that bass is like a subtle language from player to hearer, and only wants to have a conversation.


Bass: Kàren Vaganyan

Fan turned member, Kàren is the newest addition to the band. A strong passion and love for all types of music, he brings a new perspective and flavour to the group. Having been playing guitar for many years, moving to the bass has been a fun experience. With a strong love for funk and groove, he loves to set the dance floor on fire (figuratively).


Guitar & Vocals: René Schumacher

René has been playing guitar since childhood and over the years has developed his own style of playing that pulls together his many influences, from rock to jazz to hip-hop. While his passion is certainly the guitar, René also provides harmonies to help accentuate the lyrical intricacies of the music.

Keys: Andrew Romero

There are a number of reasons why Andrew joined Our Good Wolf: to show off his brilliant skill as a pianist was not one of them. He was more interested in exploring what happens behind the scenes when great artists come up with excellent music. Over the years, Andrew has tailored his piano skills to fill in the needs of Our Good Wolf. Whether it’s playing a simple piano melody or utilizing the unpredictability of a synthesizer, he always finds a way to make Our Good Wolf’s music that much more exciting.


Drums/ Percussion: Josh Lehman

The old man of the pack, Josh provides the heartbeat for Our Good Wolf. He's been drumming for years and his vast array of influences are evident in his eclectic style. Whether he's using sticks, brushes, mallets, or any other medium, he's sure to have you dancing.